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Vulnerability Assessment scans your IT infrastructure to provide quick results to assess your overall security posture

Our Approach

Our testing tools are used to scan your assets and
to detect security flaws quickly

Gaining visibility

This automated tool is used in conjunction with a database of known vulnerabilities to scan your assets to detect security flaws.

In-Depth Reporting

We go over these findings, and provide you with a curated report that gives you a summary of your overall security posture.


Next, we will work with your IT team to prioritize what needs to be fixed first based on our recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment

How can this help you

Determine your security posture

Test your network and identify gaps quickly.

Ensure your data is protected

If there is a weakness, secure your primary data.

Stay up to date with modern techniques

Trust us and leverage our experience.

Penetration Testing

Examine all aspects of your modern application, using attack tactics to gather exposure points