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Ardent Services.

Amplify your offensive security
program and free up your valuable
resources so you can focus on
higher value activities that matter
most to your business

Penetration Testing

By simulating what an attacker could do, our security experts will
identify security misconfigurations that could lead to major data leaks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Start with a scan to identify known vulnerabilities that could be
exploited by attacker.

Adversarial Simulation

See how your enterprise faces and performs with real-world attacks in multiple scenarios.

Compliance & Resilience planning

We can help you be more resilient, by ensuring you meet compliance
standards like NIST, PCI DSS, or ISO 27001.

Cyber Security Training

Avoid security leaks by providing your employees with the proper
training to protect your Organization.

What we do

We are here to provide guidance,
and advice to raise your security
practices, so you can focus on
running your business

Here’s how we adapt to your processes to
provide you with the protection you need

Expert analysis

We are passionate about what we do. We
combine experience and practical application to help you and your business be more secure.

Increased visibility

Understand your overall security posture and detect your security flaws across your entire platform.

Actionable steps

We provide custom solutions to fit your needs so you can prioritize what needs to be fixed first based on our recommendations

Transform your
security practices

Our security experts are
waiting to help you.