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Our Adversarial Simulation is a
holistic security audit that replicates real adversaries by using dynamic, full-spectrum attacks based on modern Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) used by real threat actors around the world.

Our Approach

We will help you refine long-term operational
requirements, better assess your
investments, and enhance your overall
security strategy to thwart evolving threats.

Attacker Mindset

Adversarial simulation is the art of adopting real attacker personas: their thoughts, goals, methodologies, and modus operandi to demonstrate real-world risks. We can and will successfully social engineer your staff into assisting us during our engagement.

Advanced Techniques

We use bleeding-edge techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) to push your security to its limits. We mimic sophisticated adversaries. We’ll outline what an adversary would prefer to do in each instance to help your blue team increase their detection rate and reduce their response time.


We’ll assess your defense and measure the effectiveness of defensive countermeasures, outlining detection and protection methods your business will need to take to mitigate risks.

Adversarial Simulation

How can this help you

Know if you can withstand a real cyberattack

Forget about web app pentests in a QA environment.
Can your organization survive a full-spectrum cyberattack led by a highly motivated world-class red team? We will target your crown jewels. 

Evaluate your detection and reaction capabilities

Are your Blue Team and expensive defensive solutions efficient? 

Leverage modern techniques

We stay on top of security trends and constantly evolving TTPs. We will help your team catch up.  

Penetration Testing

Examine all aspects of your applications or IT infrastructures using attack tactics to gather exposure points