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Compliance & Resilience Planning leverage our expertise in GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and become a responsible leader in your industry

Our Approach

We’ll provide guidance to you and your team
on how to meet compliance standards, we will
show you the way.

Be Compliant

Go above and beyond and do your due diligence. Good cyber security hygiene is essential nowadays. Integrating cyber security within an organization’s culture requires diligent leadership that fosters and rewards good operational security. We can help you jumpstart your security program.

Actionable Playbook

When a building is on fire, an emergency plan must be available. The same thing goes for cybersecurity. In case of a cyberattack, you must follow an intelligible and streamlined incident response playbook (action plan).

Roadmap to Peace of Mind

Adhering to security best practices, being compliant, and having an incident response playbook to follow are instrumental to be resilient to a cyber breach. We will get you there!

Compliance & Resilience Planning

How can this help you

Obtain new business opportunities

Businesses are now requiring partners to be certified and to do their due diligence. Are you compliant?

Be trusted by your customers

Customers and users are care about their privacy and data safety. Can you be the trusted custodian they are looking for?

Be resilient to a security breach

Trust us and leverage our experience. We will help you develop a streamlined playbook in case of cybersecurity incidents. They are more common than the public thinks. 

Penetration Testing

Examine all aspects of your modern applications and IT infrastructure, using attack tactics to gather exposure points